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Thursday, 30 July 2015
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Dental Hygienists - Renew by Mail

Quick Links to information listed on this page:

Processing Your Renewal

Renewal Fee and Delinquent Penalty Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Hygienist Renewal Forms for Download   (Click this link or Scroll Down this web page)

Follow-up on the Status of Your Renewal

Processing Your Renewal

Prior to Paying Your Renewal:  Please allow 10-14 days before your expiration date to mail your renewal form and payment to the Dental Board.  The Dental Board address is:    SBDE, 333 Guadalupe Street, Tower 3, Suite 800, Austin, TX 78701-3942 

After Paying Your Renewal:  Please allow 7-10 business days after your payment and renewal form have been received by the Dental Board for your new Registration Certificate to be issued and mailed.

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Delinquent Penalty Fees

Dental Hygienists
Renewal Fee:   $109    

Delinquent Fees:    

      -  1-90 days following the Expiration Date:  $159      

      -  91-365 days following the Expiration Date: $209 

      -  366+ days:  Canceled - Nonrenewable.  

Dental Hygienists  -  Faculty Only
   Renewal Fee
:    $92   

   Delinquent Fees

     -  1-90 days following the Expiration Date:  $133.50    

     -  91-365 days following the Expiration Date: $175   

     -  366+ days:  Canceled - Nonrenewable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How far in advance can I renew my Registration Certificate?  
A:  Up to 45 days prior to the expiration date listed on the registration certificate. 

Q:  Can I renew my Registration Certificate after it expires? 
A:   Yes.  An expired Registration Certificate can be renewed either by mail or online within one year of the expiration date.  The expiration date is listed on your registration certificate.  Delinquent Fees will be assessed. 

Q:  Can a canceled Registration Certificate be renewed?  
A:   A canceled Registration Certificate cannot be renewed.

Q:  Can I pick up my Registration Certificate at the Dental Board Office?  
A:   No.  Registration Certificates are not printed at the Dental Board office.  They are printed from a third-party location.

Q:  Can I pay an extra fee to have my Registration Certificate mailed overnight to me?
A:   No.  This service is not available.  Please allow 2 weeks prior to your Registration Certificate expiration date to mail in your renewal form and fees.

Q:  Is there a Grace Period for renewing after the expiration date?  
A:   No.  Grace Periods are not offered.   

Q:  Can I pay my renewal by phone?  
A:   No.  The Board is not set-up to accept payments by phone. 

Q:  Can I place my License on Inactive status?   
A:   No.   An  "Inactive Status" is not currently an option.   A dental or dental hygiene license can be retired.  To learn more on retiring your license click  HERE

Q:  How do I order more Registration Certificates for display in multiple offices?  
A:  The cost is $25 for each additional certificate.  Click  HERE  to download the form to order duplicate certificates.

Q:  What is the current CPR Requirement?
A: CPR training must include a written assessment and a demonstration of skills. C
omputer and video-based CPR training courses given by a live instructor that include a written assessment of skills and hands-on manikin training by the applicant are acceptable.  Online courses that do not include hands-on manikin training by the applicant and a written assessment of skills are not acceptable. 
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Dentist Renewal Forms

Acrobat File (PDF)


 Hygienist (Texas Faculty) Renewal Form

Acrobat File (PDF)

  (Texas Faculty Only)

Do Not have a Printer? 

E-Mail your request  for a renewal form to:  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  

Include in the Subject Line of your E-Mail:  “Renewal Form Request”.    In the body of your e-mail include your name, address, phone number, profession and license number.   Please allow 2-3 days for delivery by ground mail.

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Follow-up on the Status of Your Renewal

As of June 4th the agency switched to a new computer system.  This has caused major delays in the processing of all in of all incoming mail. 

At this time the Dental Board is not able to confirm if a renewal has been received due to the large volume of mail yet to be processed. 

You can check online under ‘Find A Licensee' and if your file has not been updated then we have not yet processed your renewal.  Your check or money order may get cashed before your form is processed.  Once updated you will receive your certificate in approximately 10 business days.

If your check has been cashed then that means that your renewal was approved and accepted.  It will take several more weeks before your renewal is entered into our database and issued a registration number.  Please watch the web under ‘Find A Licensee’.

We appreciate your patience, we are working as quickly as we can to get your forms processed.

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