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Saturday, 05 September 2015
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The statutes listed below are found on the Texas Legislature Online website and are current through the 81st Legislature.

Title 2 - General Provisions Relating to Licensing
Chapter 53
- Consequences of a Criminal Conviction
Chapter 54 - Examination on Religious Holy Day
Chapter 55 - Renewal of License While on Military Duty
Chapter 56 - Action Against Recipients of Study Financial Assistance
Chapter 57 - Requirements for Licensing Agents
Chapter 58 - Use of Genetic Information
Chapter 101 - Health Professions Council
Chapter 102 - Solicitation of Patients
Chapter 104 - Healing Art Practitioners
Chapter 105 - Unprofessional Conduct by Health Care Provider
Chapter 106 - General Regulatory Authority Regarding Health Care Practitioners’ Use of Internet

Dental Practice Act (Contained within the Texas Occupations Code)
Chapter 251
- General Provisions Relating to the Practice of Dentistry
Chapter 252 - State Board of Dental Examiners
Chapter 253 - Executive Director and Personnel
Chapter 254 - Board Powers and Duties
Chapter 255 - Public Interest Information and Complaint Procedures
Chapter 256 - Licensing of Dentists and Dental Hygienists
Chapter 257 - License Renewal
Chapter 258 - Practice by Dentist
Chapter 259 - Prohibited or Restricted Commercial or Professional Activities
Chapter 260 - Operation of Certain Dental Practices
Chapter 261 - Confidentiality and Immunity of Dental Peer Review Committee
Chapter 262 - Regulation of Dental Hygienists
Chapter 263 - License Denial and Disciplinary Proceedings
Chapter 264 - Penalties and Enforcement Provisions
Chapter 265 - Regulation of Dental Assistants
Chapter 266 - Regulations of Dental Laboratories
Chapter 267 - Licensing of Faculty Members of Dental or Dental Hygiene Schools

Printable Texas Occupations Code - DPA:
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